How to Sell at Auction

Selling at Auction…

Auctions are fast becoming the first choice for all sellers and not just those who need to sell quickly. Here are just a few Auction Advantages offered by our Full-Service Auction Company.

•Effective in weak as well as strong markets
•Equipped to Auction at Tenant Site or at One of Our Facilities
•Accelerated and expert marketing
•Maximizes potential values
•Monthly One-day Event
•Significantly reduces personal expenses
•All items sold “as is” “where is”
•Less personal stress and spent hours
•Professional bookkeeping and itemized receipts
•Converts all items into cash, not just your best items
•No hidden expenses

Because of the fast growth and popularity of auctions, they’re now known as “America’s Favorite Way to Buy and Sell.”

Here is some helpful information and tips:

Q: I have an item or items that need appraisals do you handle that?

A:  We are currently not trained in appraisals at this time. Please look online.

Q: Are you licensed?

A: The State of California requires an auctioneering license.  Any professional auctioneer should have some education in the laws governing the auction industry thus attending an auction school is very important and should always be continuing their auction education through some type of continuing education program. The auction industry is regulated by the Federal and State government so being aware of the changing regulations is imperative to having a successful, clean, smooth and legal auction.

Q: What are your fees?

A: As a policy we do not publicly advertise our fee schedule and consignment rate. We encourage anyone considering selling items at auction to contact us before making a decision to contract with any other provider. We disclose all costs involved to sell items at auction as well as what services we provide and the many benefits of doing business with us.

Q: Do you sell your items at auction with reserves?

A: Typically you will get more for items sold at absolute no reserve. Selling at absolute creates a frenzy type atmosphere and will typically get more for items but sometimes we do take reserves. In some instances, our contracts demand that we sell a vehicle or other item with a reserve, in which case we will notify buyers that an item is being sold with a reserve or “pending seller confirmation”.

Q: Do you have a location you can bring my items to sell rather than selling at my location?

A: Please look at tabs at the top of page. See our Schedule of Hours on our home page for upcoming auctions.

Q: How long does it take to get my auction booked?

A: Typically we ask for about three to four weeks preparation before holding the auction, which allows for the sufficient time to get the items inventoried and also get “the word out” about the auction. Advertising is one of the most important steps of having a successful auction.

Q: Why have an auction instead of just selling yard sale style or liquidation sale?

A: Auctions achieve fair market value and top dollar for items and save the time and labor.