Consignment Procedures

Consignment procedures....
  1. We accept new & used quality items for consignment.  Please view our Schedule of Hours or contact the office for special arrangements.
  2. Consigner must bring their items to our facility and furnish their own help and boxes.  Unless other arrangements are made with Auctioneer.
  3. NO items consigned will be accepted with any minimums or reserves.  Unless authorized by Auctioneer in advance.     (See Consignment Procedures & Agreement)
  4. Once items are off loaded, consigner is to write up inventory of all items left to sell.  No payments will be made unless Consignment Forms are filled out completely and signed.  (See Consignment Listing Form)
  5. The Consigner will be given tags with a lot number to place on all items.
  6. Items will be placed/located in sell as auction personnel see fit.
  7. All items may be offered for sell at the following Auction, should an item not receive a bid or not reach the amount the Auctioneer feels is a reasonable amount.  Consigned item(s) may be held over for following sale at Auctioneers discretion.
  8. Consignor should be aware any items for sell that are unsellable will be charged a dump fee as deemed appropriate by Auctioneer or Consigner Rate Sheet.
  9. Consigners will be charged a 30% Commission Fee or Fee per Consignor Rate Sheet.   (Consigner Rate Sheet)
  10. Consigner proceeds are available (3) Three business days following the sale.  Consignors selling items deemed to be in working order will have a one week hold on On-Hold proceeds.  Proceeds will be available (10) Ten business days following the sale of On-Hold Items.  Should any item be returned non-working said item will be resold (as is, where is) and necessary adjustments made.
  11. Consignments may be sold prior to sale of at Auctioneer discretion and will be charged the 30% Fee and paid with balance of remaining consignment.
  12. Consigner must be the lawful and legal owner of said property and all items must be free of any and all liens and encumbrances.  All items consigned at owners risk.
  13. The East L.A. Auction Company and Edward Torrez, Auctioneer will not be responsible in case of fire, theft or damages.

 Edward Torrez, Auctioneer
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