About Us

The East L.A. Auction Company
The Torrez Family

The East L.A. Auction Company was established and visioned by Ed Torrez an entrepreneur who felt it was time to set up a local Auction Company and Estate Sale Liquidation Company in East Los Angeles.

Ed attended several auction houses in Los Angeles and Orange County and determined it was time to open a local business to assist those with needs to buy general household items at bargain prices and to help others sell and liquidate large amounts of accumulated personal belongings.

"One person's trash is another person's treasure"

Who is Ed....
  • a child of a family with a strong work ethic that worked hard and created its own business and real estate success.
  • a Bishop Mora Salesian High School Graduate '86
  • a California State University Los Angeles Graduate
    • Fire Protection Administration, BS
    • Public Administration, Minor
  • a City of Los Angeles Public Safety Employee
  • a Master's Degree from the school of Hard Knocks with a Minor in Common Sense Philosophy
  • a Poor Dad not a Rich Dad
  • a Shrewed Business Entrepreneur
  • a 3rd Degree Jack of all trades, master of none
  • a Member of the I know Jack Shit Association
  • a Techie Nerd
  • a former eBay Seller and Education Specialist
  • a California State Licensed Real Estate Broker
    • Specializing in Commercial & Income Property
    • Who knows the 4 Economic Benefits of Rental/Income Property Ownership
  • a Property Manager
    • With knowledge in Outdoor Bill Board Advertising Leasing
    • Who understands & lives the 6 T's of Property Ownership
      • Tenants, Toilets, Turn-Over, Trash, Teenagers, and Termites
  • a General Contractor--in his mind
  • a Whittier Aquatic Club Board Member
  • a City of Whittier Youth Sports Committee Member
  • a Stakeholder & Member of the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council
  • a California State Licensed Auctioneer
  • a avid Blog World Attendee
  • a Certified Online Marketing Institute Member
  • a Blue Collar Worker
  • a swim team Dad
  • a person who loves bargains, deals, & steals
  • and a husband
--That's Me!